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Indymedia Ireland's Editorial Guidelines

Indymedia Ireland is built on the foundation of an open and democratic newswire. We want to see and hear real stories, news, and opinions from users of the site around the country. Anybody can post a story, or a comment on a story to Indymedia. While we struggle to maintain the newswire as a completely open forum we do monitor it and remove posts.
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In general, posts may be removed for any of the following reasons:

  1. Comments, not news. If there is a recently published story on the same topic as, or one closely related to your post, then it should be published as a comment on the existing story. Comments belong with the story being discussed - to have your say in response to a story on the site, use the "add your comments" link at the bottom of each story
  2. Duplicate posts. Make sure you've read the newswire and that the story doesn't appear there already. Also make sure that you haven't posted the same comment on multiple stories
  3. Infactual or obviously false posts. The onus is on the author to check and confirm facts - if a clear factual error is brought to our attention it will be removed.
  4. Libelous or slanderous posts. Choose your language carefully. Do not make allegations against named individuals unless you can substantiate them. Posts which contain personal abuse against named individuals, rather than against their arguments or their political affiliation, will be removed without delay, particularly if those individuals are not public figures. 'Play the ball, not the player'.
  5. Discriminatory or hateful posts. Posts that contain explicitly racist, sexist or homophobic views will be removed. We don't oppose free speech for people with hateful views, we're just not going to provide them with a platform for distributing those views.
  6. Advertising or other inappropriate content. Advertising of commercial products or services, particularly when they are sold on a for-profit basis.
  7. Cross-posting to multiple IMCs. Posts that are available elsewhere on the Indymedia network (on at least two other IMCs) shall be deleted, although in cases where the article is particularly relevant to Irish readers, it may be allowed to remain at the discretion of the editorial collective.
  8. Articles which have no News Content. Although we aim to have a broad tolerance for all types of news postings, there are limits. In particular, the following types of article are not considered to be news:
    • Incomprehensible 'gobbledygook' postings
    • Asking of questions - particular or general questions without any other content - e.g. this type of thing: "Anyone know when X is on?" or "What do you think of YYY policy on ZZZZ?"
    • Articles which consist entirely of unsubstantiated opinions or personal musings without any supporting evidence or other content. For example : 'I think Fianna Fail are criminals'
    • Petitions
  9. Impersonation. Articles or comments which impersonate other indymedia users by adoption of their names or regular pseudonyms
  10. Fascists. All content expressing fascist views or written by active fascists, or expressing revisionist / holocaust denial positions, or linking to a fascist site. We will not provide a platform for fascist recruitment
  11. Trolling. Comments which consist entirely of abuse towards any group, individual, or article without attempting to situate this in the context of the particular article or debate arising out of that article. So for example, a comment which simply says: "the Popular Front of Judea are wankers" will be deleted, while a comment that says: "The fact that the PFJ have refused this offer of an alliance shows them to be hypocritical wankers in the light of what they have said before", might remain
  12. Continuing debates across multiple articles. Indymedia is not a bulletin board. All comments should directly relate to the article or preceding comments. Users should refrain from constantly bringing up points from previous threads, unless they have a close relevance to the new article. Users should also note that repetitive demands of another user to answer a particular question or point is a reason for deletion especially when it occurs across multiple threads.
  13. Persistent Abuse. Users who persistently refuse to abide by IMC policy are liable to have any and all of their contributions removed
  14. Cut and pastes. Posts that are publicly available elsewhere on the internet, or in the mainstream media. We do realise, however, that there can sometimes by a strong case for articles published elsewhere to be brought to the attention of IMC readers. In these cases, we ask contributors to write an original introduction to the article, highlighting its relevance to Irish indymedia readers and include a link to the article. Users can also choose post a short note and a link in the Media Updates link at the top of the newswire. In particular, articles that consist of an original introduction and contain several links to articles containing background information stand a good chance of being made into front-page features
  15. Comments on editorial policy. Users can appeal for or against deletions by contacting the editors using the 'Contact Us' link at the top of the front page. Editorial actions are debated on the editorial list and users can join the list and join in the frequent debates on deletions there. Commentary on IMC Ireland editorial policy on the newswire will be removed
  16. Comments that refer to Deleted Posts. Comments referring to something that a user can't see as it has been deleted will also be removed.

A record of all editorial actions, which editor performed the action and the reason for it are sent to the newswire mailing list which anybody can join. So if you want to keep an eye on the evil censorships of the imc-cabal, you know what to do. Subscribing to this list means you will see all articles and comments which have been hidden and the reason why they were hidden. After subscribing, you can then go through the archives of the list to see all past editorial actions.

Guidelines are subject to constant review by the editorial list. If you think that these guidelines are not being enforced (or are being abused) join the editorial list and discuss it there. If you think an article that you have posted has been unfairly deleted, the editorial list is the place to bring it up but make sure that you have read and understood the editorial policy beforehand. As with the newsire list, you can go through the archives to see why and how these guidelines were formulated. This list is also used to put together the front page features. If you'd rather not subscribe to the editorial list, you can just use the contact form

to send a message to the editors making sure to provide your email address so that you can be CCed on all emails regarding the query.

Legal Stuff

We think stories contributed to this site should be free for non-profit re-use. Copy left is an idea central to indymedia (for more information, check out http://www.opencontent.org/). If you want to change that for your story, please give your conditions in the summary.

After stories have been published, they may be edited, linked or even deleted by the collective running this site. Please read our privacy and disclaimer statements.

© 2001-2019 United By Chaos Network. Unless otherwise stated by the author, all content is free for non-commercial reuse, reprint, and rebroadcast, on the net and elsewhere. Opinions are those of the contributors and are not necessarily endorsed by the editors of the site.