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Italian Punk Rock band Latte+

category international | arts and media | feature author Monday February 26, 2018 22:52author by Daphne - UXC Report this post to the editors

Interview conducted via email

Today, we are bringing you an interview with Chicco, the lead singer of the great Italian punk rockers Latte+, who will talk us about the Italian punk rock scene, their album ?A Kind of Nightmare?, good old music formats and more! Take a look to realize the past, present and future of Latte+

D: I have seen that Latte+ has been on the road since 1997. How has the Italian scene changed during this time? Do you miss something about the early years? Has something enhanced?

C: Hello guys there, thanks for the interview! The scene here has changed so much from our early days. Less bands, less venues, less money. Now only historic bands know how to run things, while for those just starting out, it's gotten really tough.

D: What do you think is the cause for such decrease in the Italian scene? Do you think there were violent-related episodes that could cause the scene to decrease, or any other ideology or trend issues? Which do you think that are the pillar-bands of the Italian scene?

C: There isn't one particular reason for it, I don't think. It seems to have been slowing down for the last 15 years. There are a ton of great Italian bands playing right now but it's not easy to get the people to shows. As far as influential founding fathers of the scene I would have to say: Derozer, Punkreas and Senzabenza. I first saw Derozer live when I was 19 years old. 20 years later, this past April, we got to share the stage with them. There is nothing cooler than getting to play alongside your heroes, dudes who have been a decades long influence.

D: Surely it was great to share the scenery with such a big influence for you!
I could note the amazing cover of the album "A Kind of Nightmare", and thought that it seems like a wink to the horror punk style. Isn?t it?

C: We recently released a split with some the other bands that dig horror films. This was homage to them. It's a great cover. Each band has their own cover for the split. We're really just a bunch of punks who love the Ramones and our fans.

D: The band's name is "Latte+", it means "Milk Plus". How did you get the idea of naming your band "Latte+"?

C: I'm a big Stanley Kubrick fan. It's a reference to Clockwork Orange.

D: You just signed with the nel label New Affiliation Records, based on Arizona, and will be launching your next material on next year. How did it come? What are your expectations with this label?

C: I came across No Affiliation Records on social media after a friend mentioned them. I really liked what I saw so I sent them a song. Luckily, they were really into it and we started talking about collaborating. Now, the rest is history and we couldn't be more excited.

D: Many bands, including yourselves, are launching their material in a Vinyl or LP format, even cassettes. This is one of the goals with the label NAR. Do you feel like something more interesting in those formats? In which way is it different for you, to listen these old formats than listening the music in a digital format?

C: As much as digital sites have helped us to reach more fans, we really prefer vinyl over everything. The sound and feel is fuller and more satisfying. Physical copies allow you to enjoy not just the disc but the photos, the liner notes and so forth. It's a more interactive and personal experience. Thanks for reaching out to us! It feels great knowing people are out there listening and liking what they hear!

More info: https://www.facebook.com/lattepiupunkrock

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