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SWM - Violent Death Abomination & Taiga - Sky Music Review

category international | arts and media | opinion/analysis author Thursday March 15, 2018 01:00author by Anti Social Vagabondauthor email markdrifter.ph at gmail dot com Report this post to the editors

(from Athens, Greece) | Originally Published: 02.04.2017 on chaosnet.tumblr.com

Satan?s War Machine ? Violent Death Abomination

Black/thrash trio Satan?s War Machine hails from Ukraine and they released their demo titled ?Torn Flesh? in 2013. Last September the band released its first full-length album titled ?Violent Death Abomination? via a cooperation between Symbol of Domination productions and United by Chaos.

In the album one can also find the three tracks of the demo, including the band?s cover for the song ?Hundre Ar Gammal? written by Khold. The title of the album pretty much says it all. Violent thrash metal combined with eerie black metal riffs and vocals at interchanging speed like the wind changes of a storm. Relentless drumming often gives way to mid-tempo moments where the riffs build up the context of the album?s atmosphere until the blast-beat comes crushing everything down again. Although we hardly hear any innovations in the album, the band gives a flawless performance and manages to keep the compositions interesting and our heads banging. Songs like ?I Despise?, ?Firestorm? and ?Remains of a Node On Your Past? could definitely find their way in your playlist. The art of Aleksandr Frolov completes the album?s aesthetics pretty nicely.

Overall, ?Violent Death Abomination? is a really good first effort. The gears and cogs of Satan?s War Machine are oiled and ready to fight the good war of quality black metal music. Check this one out, you won?t regret it.

Taiga ? Sky

Coming from the cold plains of Siberia, Taiga were formed in 2013 as a duo and have been quite busy since then, having released 3 ep?s and 3 albums in three years. The band?s latest venture is titled ?Sky? and features the group?s newest member Aleksey Korolyov who handles all the keyboards and sound effects that can be heard on the album for the first time. ?Sky? was released last September via a cooperation between Symbol of Domination productions and United by Chaos.

The album has a typical dsbm build that consists of steady speed melancholic guitar riffs, rhythmic drumming and screaming vocals full of desperation, while adding a few ambient parts here and there. The creation of a thick, emotional atmosphere seems to be the bands main target here, causing a sense of negativity and sorrow not unlike the urban decay portrayed on the album?s cover. Although I am not a big fan of the genre?s vocal directions, they seem to fit quite nicely in this occasion, stressing the human element of the tragedy materialized in the compositions. The songs seemed part of a single narrative to me, but I think ?На коленях? and ?Похоть? stand out a bit.

All in all, ?Sky? is another steady step in Taiga?s musical journey through human suffering that demonstrates the band?s artistic capacity to deliver sadness and desperation through interesting melodies and solid song structure. Highly recommended for the fans of the genre.

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