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Interview of Ira Getman of German extreme metal band Sariola

category international | arts and media | feature author Monday March 05, 2018 23:28author by Mark - UXC Report this post to the editors

Conducted in December 2017. Originally published on: chaosnet.tumblr.com

Mark: How did you did get into modeling and what was it like in the beginning.. was it easy or difficult to get into the industry?

Ira: Very interesting question. I made hobby shootings before, yet more in the dark scene. But the gothic/ metal fashion scene is poor and nobody pays models even for magazine shootings or fashion shows. So almost everything you see online regarding gothic/metal fashion with was made by hobby models for free. They try to cover their costs by publicity they get through exposure, but no one pays them for their pictures. They all have their regular jobs. Only tattoo or erotic models earn money with alternative modeling. As you see there are not many ways to become a well paid gothic/ alternative model.

I disliked this situation. So I decided to enter the real fashion industry.
I just sent my portfolio to different agencies and attended some important castings. I was discovered through a fashion show in Paris and my facebook profile. I met physical standards for the industry: I am tall, have good proportions to become a plus size model, so some agencies were interested to work with me. Sometimes customers find me in the social media. I promote products online and also work as brand ambassador and influencer. It belongs to a model job. I had the luck to start working internationally.
I often receive mails from girls who want to start modeling, asking for advice. I always answer their questions and give tips.

To be honest to become a model is much easier than to achieve a serious label/ booking deal in the metal music industry. In the modeling you have a chance to be invited to a casting and if you fit customer’s requirements, you will be booked. In metal it’s different. I think there way more metal bands than models, hahaha. Nobody takes your band seriously. The labels and booking agencies treating you like trash until you prove you are worth their attention. Nobody wants to invest in a small act, of which they are not sure that it brings them money. If you see the „new“ upcoming band it’s to 99% a side project of a famous musician or just a band who worked hard over 10 years or so, became popular on their own costs and finally got the attention of the bosses. If I see an artist with the serious deal and promotion without any past it looks very suspicious to me. You won‘t be „scouted“ in the music industry because you are just a talented act with great stuff. Don’t be naive. But now the artists are able to do self promotion, so nothing is impossible even in the crazy time we are living in.

However in modeling it’s up to your skills, talents and your appearance. There are many good model agencies over the world and only few serious metal labels and bookings who can provide a band with good conditions. All agencies are proving your social-media presence before you will get an answer or a deal. Nowadays it’s a very important point. I hope I did show the clear difference and similarities.

Mark: Sariola refers to a place in Finnish mythology, for the benefit of our readers, could you elaborate on this?
Ira: According to Finnish mythology is a location somewhere in the extreme north. A dark and terrible place. ‪The band‬’s name is our former guitarist‘s E. Konny idea. He was inspired by the Kalevala. It perfectly describes our cold, dark and extreme music.

I wasn’t a part of ‪the band‬ from the beginning so I adopted the child named „Sariola“ and, hopefully, became a good mother. 
 Mark: Other than that. What are your main influences as an individual and an artist/musician?
Ira: As Sariola we try to find our own way. Of course there are few bands we always get compared with: ‪Dimmu Borgir‬, ‪Cradle of filth‬ or even ‪NIghtwish‬. I allege that. But to be honest, I am not into any kind of idols. I like many bands and musicians and some of them had impact on my vision for the music. However, I always was my main influence by myself. I just had this inner kernel to stay a strong personality. During the school times I was an outsider, because I liked heavy music. This made me stronger. I became who I am: strong, independent and creative. So now I hope I am able to inspire people.
My first important band was ‪Rammstein‬. These guys introduced me to the rock/ metal scene. I love classical music as well, but mostly dark stuff like Rachmaninov, Mussorgsky, Borodin, Shostakovich, Bach and Hendel.

I am not up to the new stuff now though. Not many people say it, but I will. I like extreme metal. The bands who inspire me are Emperor, ‪Windir‬, Old man’s child, ‪Borknagar‬, Anorexia Nervosa, Vintersorg, Arcturus, Summoning, ‪Dimmu Borgir‬ ( I really started liking them when I begun to do music professionally, so I understood how what talented musicians they are) and ‪Cradle of Filth‬. By the way, some of the aforementioned musicians like Sariola (At least they told us so, so I am proud of the fact, that such titans dig our stuff.

The musicians who inspired me during my life were and are Andreas „Vintersorg“ Hedlund, Jan Axel „‪Hellhammer‬“ Blomberg , Thomas „Galder“ Andersen, Sverre „Ihsahn“ Tveitan, Tomas „Samoth“ Thormodsæter Haugen, Kai „Trym“ Mosaker, Terje „Valfar“ Bakken, Gaute Refsnes, André „ Cosmocrator“ Søgnen, Nicolas „Rose Hreidmeirr“ Saint-Morand, Nicolas Barker, Morten Veland with his 90x stuff, Richard „Protector“ Lederer and Michael „Silenius“ Gregor. I am lucky I know some of them personally so I can always ask them for feedback regarding our music.

Some female singers inspire me even today: Agnete Kjørsrud ( ‪Dimmu Borgir‬) , Veronica Bardaccini ( ‪Fleshgod apocalypse‬) and Lindsay Matheson ( ‪Cradle of filth‬). My favorite singer is the operatic diva ‪Anna Netrebko‬. But my favorite musician of all times is Anagnorisis. He is a multi-talented composer and musician, able to play all relevant instruments ( guitar, bass, keys and even drums). I am proud that i had the chance work with him over the years. He makes incredible music. I love his vision.

Mark: What do you like and don’t like about the metal scene in Germany?

Ira: I respect 80‘s German bands. They did and do great music in their metal genres like trash, heavy and power. I am not really a fan of German kind of metal. I used to listen to ‪Rammstein‬ in my early ears. ( which is not really metal). I still love their old stuff. But now I prefer Norwegian metal. I can’t tell what I don’t like about the metal scene in Germany because I am not really familiar with. Unfortunately there’s not a single German band in my play list. Is it good or bad? I have no idea. But I love Summoning very much. It’s an Austrian band. Is it close enough!? Hahaha!!

Mark: Ive read that you are planning to play in Finland some time in 2018. Other than it’s culture & history, is there anything else you like about this place?
Ira: Finland has great history and culture indeed!! I like the language very much;) We would also love to play there and present our music to the Finnish metalheads. It just has to happen one day, we’re named after Finnish mythology after all! I love ‪Impaled Nazarene‬ and ‪Finntroll‬. Btw my 4-year old daughter loves ‪Children of Bodom‬ very much! It’s her favorite band!

Mark: In all the places you’ve been to, is there any particular country you’d like to visit and play again?
Ira: For an unsigned band Sariola did play in many countries. We were received very warm pretty everywhere. Especially I felt it in Russia. It was my first time in this country but we really enjoyed our tour even although it was a very hard tour. Only Sariola could decide that it’s a good idea to tour over Russia in deep winter. But we did it! I would play everywhere where we are expected! We have fans worldwide. So I would meet all of them at our upcoming concerts. We also looking forward to play in Finland as well. Personally, I would be very excited about it.

Mark: Let’s wrap this up, aside from the updates that can be found online, is there any other plans ‪the band‬ have in store for us in the future?
Ira: Now Sariola is very busy to organize a Europe tour next year. We also have a lot of stuff for the new album, but I think we will start with the recording somewhere in the middle or end of the next year. Be prepared: more blastbeats and extreme stuff is guaranteed!

Anagnorisis is also often on the road with his second band ‪Stahlmann‬.
I am working on my new solo project, which we think is really cool. But if you expect extreme metal, you are totally wrong. We want to try different things here. But it will be „dark“ enough for our fans.

As you know we always had problems with the line up, so besides singing I decided to also play bass in Sariola. I used to play classical guitar for years and had a very long break, but now I am prepared for the tour!
I’m also launching my cover YouTube channel, where I sing and play some extreme metal hits! You can check it at www.youtube.com/iraofficial

The first song will be online very soon. Hopefully you will enjoy it! Stay tuned!

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