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category international | arts and media | feature author Saturday September 08, 2018 10:37author by Markauthor email markdrifter.ph at gmail dot com Report this post to the editors

Peosphoros is one of the most perverse, insanely hilarious & arguably the most controversial band that i have featured in this virtual publication. What follows is part one of the interview of the band that have angered, inflamed & flipped out a lot of humorless people in the metal community. Peosphoros are like the bastard relatives of Charles Manson & Sascha Baron Cohen. They said: " Peosphoros is a strictly politically correct Trans LGBTQMN Pink Metal band and multimedia art collective who are against black metal."  holding on to the  claim as " First fully all Trans extreme metal band." that ever existed. And they are only getting started!

Mark: What got you folks into Gay Metal, and how do you define it?

Peosphoros: I wouldn't know because we don't do gay metal, we do pink metal. As far as using this fag personas is concerned, we do it for attention because nowadays shallow things like the sexual orientation of the artist are more important than art itself. Pink metal is the actual state of metal today. All bands are doing safe bullshit, both lyrically and musically. We push boundaries, and we are a bunch of faggots so we call the whole metal world faggots.

Mark: Are you really gay, trans or queers or it's all just an act haha, im somewhat perplexed when one of you mentioned, you are a lesbian..

Peosphoros: Leyla is part time lesbian gothlim (Gothic Muslim) part time closet bi straight man. Reimu is a certified rape victim (over 60 times), now she is my slut. Smaragda Kara is legit trans person who is one of our main tools to get attention.

Mark: Why play in a band when the world is doomed to be annihilated anyway, does making music and being a bunch of artists still matters anyway.

Peosphoros: Why do anything?

Mark: What do you think of groups such as Pussy Riot & Negativland? Where do you take your influences from..

Peosphoros: I didn't know those bands, I just googled them. Pussy riot seems to be a bunch of pathetic feminists, I hate feminists. They have a song titled “kill the sexist” disgusting.. We aren't the same with that band at all, the only similarity we have is that we are their opposite, we want inequality and destruction. We take our influences from the deepest forms of torture and hate. Mexican Cartels, Islamic Terrorists, Nazi Germany and child molestation.

Mark. Do you feel that the LGBTQ minorities are underrepresented in the underground and independent music subcultures, especially in the metal scene.

Peosphoros: No they are overrepresented, art should be about the deepest depths of individuality, not some shallow issue like your sexual preference or gender. Nowadays it's all about whether someone is gay/trans etc. Cos people do not want to deal with real issues.

Mark: You folks seem to make fun of Nazis, Christians, Islam, Satanists and folks into Black Metal, can you give us an explanation why do you think people who are into those kind of stuff.

Peosphoros: The biggest faggots are Antifa, the other ones pale in comparison. But we make fun of everything that poses objective moral values. The thing we hate about black metal and fake Satanists is that they do not push boundaries. Anyone who pushes boundaries, no matter what they are, is cool.

Mark: How does it feel getting hate mails & death threats for voicing your views & opinions?

Peosphoros: Feels very nice, I love it. I only wish they weren't a bunch of pussies and that they would actually come to meet me and get stabbed to death. They are false prophets & Satan is a superstition.

For more info about the band, follow their updates at your own risk over at Facebook & their YT Channel. Band website: http://www.peosphoros.com. Their debut album "Pink Metal" was released on March 30 and would be available in physical format from SGW Records in the UK. They declared that the album " explores problems of Black Metal culture, modern genocide of minorities, sexual liberation, power structures, sex worker artists." The band stated that "All the funds created from the album go to Syrian refugees and freedom of Palestine." Expect the part 2 of the interview in the coming weeks.

Embedded Video Description: Peosphoros - Terrorism music video

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