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Fermenting the Change

category international | history and heritage | feature author Thursday June 06, 2019 03:24author by United By Chaos Network Editorial Groupauthor email at gmail dot com Report this post to the editors

A Creative Journey Into Micro Organic Intelligence

A collaboration between Eva Bakkeslett from Norway, Leo Kay from the UK & Mark from the PH & was hosted by Museum of Impossible Forms- a group space in Kontula district.. Kontula is a part of the city of Helsinki which have a heavy concentration of immigrants-at times notoriously known for it's violence is actually a safe haven for a lot of people of color.

The MiF is not actually a real museum, much to the dismay of Mark Drifter who have great expectations of finding weird artifacts, but it does feature an accommodating atmosphere, a good number of interesting books, and even more interesting.. events for nerds. Yes, nerds! In Kontula, of all places.

The workshop seeks to motivate people and help find their own answers -as to what it means to live in a more than human multi-species community. The 2 day immersive workshop allow participants to be involved in different activities- from peering through a microscope, to breathing exercise to making bread and so much more. The workshop facilitated a good dialog between people from many different cultures. Although the event covers politics, it is hardly ever political because of it's light hearted environment. 

Eva & Leo share similar interests in microbial ecologies, and life-long artists/activists. The collaboration with Mark Drifter a sonic artist from Asia provided the crowd with field recordings / soundscapes from different stages of the workshop for them to be able to play and interact with in last part of the event. The audio files are open to the public and available for download in the internet.for those who know the url; He believes that the soundscapes belongs to the people who are part of the event. And if they can make food they can also make music. He draws influence from John Cage and inspiration from 'The Crate' a video series by All Def Music.

While there's clearly a difference between food production from music production. For a lot of people, it's impossible to resonate a correlation between the two.The collaboration was very fluid from the start in spite of geographical & geopolitical differences. While traditional practices such DIY fermentation & bread making seems to be diminishing, if not invisible or non-existent for most due to progress and mass consumerism, the intersection between community and the ever advancing everyday technology that we have at our disposal can further be explored by artists & people in the community to preserve it's own culture. Mark's participation in the workshop is backed up by artists in United By Chaos network such as Mediata & Kage as well as the Russian photographer Alina Egorova which also lend a hand in sample arrangements..

If you would like to follow each individual artist's body of work, you can visit and Mark will continue his work in field recordings and is planning to release a 5 track album with original composition based on the source material and is planning to join other artists to co-headline the Mediations of Sound & Movement in the future. The said 5 track album is already speculated as an ambient release, a departure from his harsh noise tendencies, his execution of his last field recording back in 2018 was poorly received due to it's ear damaging effects to it's listeners. The first track will debut on Unexplained Sounds: The Recognition Test radio program.

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