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Please use this form to contribute new stories and ideas. Comments belong with the story being discussed - to have your say in response to a story on the site, use the "Add your Comments" link at the bottom of each story.

Please Note: If you have a question or request for our editorial group, use the Contact Form instead of publishing it as a story. The newswire is for news and not discussion on editorial policy. This takes place on the open lists and using the form will bring the matter to the attention of the editorial group in a much speedier fashion.

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Enter your name or pseudonym Anonymous pseudonyms are allowed but please do not abuse them. Impersonating others or adopting many different names to make it appear as if there are many different people who support your view are both considered abusive. This rarely works and is just a good way to discredit your arguments. Impersonation is considered grounds for removal according to our editorial guidelines
The Organisation to which the author belongs (if any) It is often a good idea to let people know of any significant political or organisational affiliations that you may have in a debate.
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Note: You can use the "Other Press" type to post links to articles from other sites, or news about other media. However for "other press" stories we ask that you provide a link and brief synopsis or extract. Do not copy and paste entire articles.

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Please select the type of story that you're posting  
If the article is already available on the internet, you can use the Other Press type to post links to articles from other sites, or news about other media. However for other press stories we ask that you provide a link and an original brief introduction. Do not cut and paste entire articles - they will be removed and you may find yourself banned from publishing if you repeatedly publish non-original material. 
Event Notices should be notices about events that are open to the public and are located in Ireland. If you select the Event Notice type, please specify the date of the event for the events calendar. 
Press Releases should contain some newsworthy information. A politician or organisation just advertising their existance is not newsworthy. 
Opinion / Analysis pieces should contain some original and properly argued material. An individual announcing that they don't or do like something or other is not appropriate - please put some effort into it. 
News Reports should contain information about something that is both recent (or hasn't been extensively covered elsewhere) and of interest to the public.

The more precise you are with your choice of region, the more visible it will be. Do not select national or international if they are not appropriate as they will actually make your story harder to find and could lead to your story being removed
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